I support
leaders and organizations

turn uncertainties
into growth opportunities



Cyril is a keynote speaker and facilitator.
He uses his learnings from being abducted by Boko Haram to demonstrate how to unlock the human potential to face adversity and uncertainty.

Resistance to change is futile, we have the power to turn the fear of change into allowing us to evolve with and ahead of any change.

I believe that the potential for our individual development is maximized when we connect in a human way towards collective growth.

The more diverse the connecting humans are, the more powerful the expansion can be. 

Through my work, I create a space free from judgment where perspectives are shared, new directions explored, agreed upon and innovated together; leading to a concrete action plan with which all are aligned.



I invite you to download my manifesto showing that coping with change requires to know:

  • what you want to keep

  • your purpose

  • what you can afford to lose

Cyril white paper (new).png


Some examples of my workshops and keynote presentations


Michael Emery
Director, Division for Human Resources Management at IOM 

It was terrific to meet you in St Gallen and everyone was singing your praises with a brilliant keynote!


Romain Chalumeau

Laboratoires Grand Fontaine

As CEO of Laboratoire Grand Fontaine, the partnership with Cyril was for me an extremely positive experience that enabled to identify the areas for improvement in the company (how the team works but also as to my management choices).


Boyan Neytchev
Managing Director Central and East Europe at Bel

Cyril intervened with our Board to reinforce trust. engagement and boost them for the new FY. He brought us, with power, faith and enthusiasm, his extremely unique situation to inspire our members. Cyril had the talent to manage our multicultural team, with ease and profound empathy.


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